The Compassion and Care We Have for Our Clients Define Who We Are As Attorneys.
We Take Great Pride in the Relationships We Build With Our Clients.


Bridge City Law Attorneys are Dean Heiling, Jim Dwyer, Pat Reece, and Roy Fernandes

We are a team of legal professionals who choose to work together because we share the same values and beliefs about how people deserve to be treated. We work together because we are made better people for it and we are better able to serve our clients.

Jim Dwyer, Personal Injury Attorney, Portland, Oregon
Jim Dwyer
Roy Fernandes, Personal Injury Attorney, Portland, Oregon
Roy Fernandes
Pat Reece, Personal Injury Attorney in Portland, Oregon
Pat Reece
Dean Heiling, Personal Injury Attorney in Portland, Oregon
Dean Heiling

When you are injured, a full and speedy recovery is the most important goal. Let us take care of the legal hassles — dealing with the insurance companies and all the phone calls — making it easier for you to focus on your health, family and work.

It’s not easy when you are injured in a collision. You are in pain. You may be missing time from work, or maybe even worrying about losing your job. You have medical bills to pay. There can be a lot of stress and uncertainty.

Having an attorney who has years of experience puts you on a level playing field. We know how to deal with adjusters and insurance companies.

Our job is to take away the stress and uncertainty, giving you peace of mind.

We focus on your most important concerns: your health, being treated with respect and fairness, and the security of knowing we have your back.

We take great pride in the relationships we build with our clients. You deserve an attorney who cares about you.

The compassion and care we have for our clients defines who we are as attorneys. It’s a part of practicing law that gives us greater meaning in our professional and personal lives.

  • I am so thankful to Roy and his team for helping me get a decent settlement for my MVA. My 2 year time limit was about to expire and all I had was a very low offer from the insurance of the person who hit me. His team worked fast and got my paperwork in. They also worked expertly with my doctor a... Read More
  • I am so thankful to Roy and his team for helping me get a decent settlement for my MVA. I received a very low offer from my insurance company as the person who hit me did not have insurance. They worked with my doctor and the insurance company to come to a settlement so I didn't need to do a deposi... Read More
  • Accidents are physical and mentally difficult. Roy and Team made it way less mentally difficult. I could work on healing while they took care of the rest. Their diligence and frequent updates gave me peace of mind. While I would definitely work with them again, I hope I don't need their services.
  • I was recommended this firm by a friend who used their services and I am so thankful they did! Pat was very professional and always explained everything along the way of the process. He always answered every question or phone call promptly and I couldn't have asked for a smoother and easier process ... Read More
  • I don't think I'd be in the good situation I'm in now if Bridge City Law hadn't helped me after a horrible vehicle accident. Because of everyone at Bridge City Law assistance, I was able to concentrate on my recuperation. Furthermore, I received the damages I deserved from my insurance company.

We’ll help you determine whether you have a case and if you need an attorney. It doesn’t make sense to hire a lawyer if you don’t need one.

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