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#9 MISTAKE - Not having a medical provider coordinating your treatment following a car accident

#9 MISTAKE: Not having a medical provider coordinating your treatment following a car accident

Injured? Start Here, Top 10 Personal Injury Claim Mistakes to Avoid

QUESTION: Why should I have a medical provider coordinating my treatment after a car accident?

ANSWER: There is a $15,000 limit to the PIP coverage you have to cover your medical treatment for injuries from a car accident. If the healthcare professionals you’re treating with work in different offices, it’s easy for your PIP benefit to be depleted without any one of your providers realizing it. If your providers all work in the same office, they’ll work together to make sure that doesn’t happen. If not, it’s critical to you having the coverage you need for your treatment to have someone coordinating your care.

The ninth biggest mistake you can make is not having a medical provider coordinating your treatment following a car accident.

This typically happens if you are seeing healthcare providers who don’t work together at the same clinic. Perhaps you’re seeing a chiropractor in one part of town, an acupuncturist at a different office, and a massage therapist at a third location. This can cause overlapping treatment and your limited amount of PIP benefits to be exhausted before you have a full recovery.

We’re not suggesting that you should only get treatment from providers who work together. You should see the providers who you believe are the best for your recovery. However, if you are seeing providers at multiple clinics,

You want to make sure that one of the providers is the designated coordinator of your medical treatment to ensure that your medical providers are in communication and you don’t exhaust your PIP benefits before you’ve completed your treatment.

We all know how expensive medical care is. The bills for our treatment can add up quickly and because your providers are billing your PIP policy, you don’t typically see the bills from each provider. If you’re seeing three to four providers, your medical bills can be astronomical in just a few months.

Once your PIP benefits are exhausted, it can be hard to get the medical treatment that you need to recover from your car accident and we don’t want this happening to you.

If you are seeing multiple providers at the same clinic, they will share information with each other to ensure you have a good recovery. They will also communicate with each other and track your visits so you can be assured that your PIP money doesn’t run out before you’ve recovered and completed your treatment.

So that you get the treatments you need before you use up your PIP benefit, your healthcare providers need to be in sync and working together. This will not only help you get better as quickly as possible, but it will also help you have the best possible outcome with your personal injury claim.

Whether you’re our client or not, we want to be a bridge of support for you.

We’ve developed a robust library of articles and videos organized into four topics which include our responses to the personal injury claim-related questions we’re asked most often.

The articles provide advice and guidelines to help you navigate each phase of the personal injury claims process. Whether we represent you or not, we are passionate about helping you protect your rights, you receiving the medical care you need to recover from your injuries, and having the information you need to avoid mistakes that can harm your personal injury claim.

We are here to be a bridge of support. If you have questions about how to navigate the personal injury claim process, we're happy to talk with you. Whether you're our client or not, we want for you to get the information you need to protect your rights and your claim.

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