#2 MISTAKE - Delaying seeing a medical provider immediately following a car accident

#2 MISTAKE: Delaying seeing a medical provider immediately following a car accident

by | Injured? Start Here, Top 10 Personal Injury Claim Mistakes to Avoid

QUESTION: What should I do if I’ve been injured in a car accident?

ANSWER: If you’ve been injured in a car accident, the most important thing is to see a medical provider immediately. To have a full recovery as quickly as possible, don’t delay in getting medical treatment. Waiting will cause two problems. First, it slows down your recovery. Second, the adjuster will say it’s proof you weren’t really injured. Waiting to get treatment is not good for you or your claim.

The second biggest mistake you can make is delaying seeing a medical provider immediately following a car accident. There’s a couple of important reasons why you don’t want to wait.  First, we all know how important our health is. If we’re not healthy, how do we  take care of ourselves, our family, and make sure that we are able to continue doing our work. When we’re not as healthy, our ability to care for what’s important is compromised. 

It’s so easy to underestimate the importance of getting immediate medical treatment.  However, it’s what will help you recover more quickly. And, it will help make sure that you have a full recovery without any permanent problems. 

It’s not unusual for us to hear from our clients “Well, it was about six weeks before I finally saw a doctor, I thought everything was going to be fine, but then things didn’t get better, and so I called my provider.” It makes so much sense why you may be waiting to see a doctor. The problem is it creates unforeseen issues with your health and your claim.

If you wait too long before you see a medical provider, the insurance company is going to say, “Well you must’ve not really been hurt or you would’ve seen a provider a lot sooner.” While that’s not true, it’s what they are going to say.  The PIP carrier may even try to cut off your medical treatment.

When it comes time to settle your case, the defendant’s insurance company is going to say, “Well, maybe something else happened between when the accident happened and when you finally saw a medical provider and that’s the real reason why you finally sought medical treatment.”

So, don’t delay getting the medical treatment you need. Call your medical provider and see them within the first week after the accident. Everything that you do to get better will help you and your claim.

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